Presenting answers to frequently asked questions.
  • What are the advantages of MINT Lift®?
    MINT Lift® is the only product consists of ‘360° helical barbs around the thread’ in Korea, which received MFDS (Ministry of Food & Drug Safety) clearance for facial soft tissue fixation. 360° of helical barbs fix the facial soft tissue providing strong anchoring and lifting effects.
  • It remain inside the skin after the procedure?
    No. The main ingredient of MINT Lift® is PDO (Polydioxanone) which is an absorbable suture that dissolves in the body
  • Which areas can MINT Lift® be used?
    MINT Lift® contains 10 product lines that can be used to lift and fix the sagging skin. They can be inserted into various areas such as forehead, eye areas, nasolabial region, jowl, etc.
  • What is the procedure like?
    It is a minimally invasive procedure with local anesthesia (conscious sedation). With short procedure time and minimal downtime, you can achieve instant results and return to most of your daily routine immediately after the treatment.